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Bearings Bushings- Upper Control Arm (Wishbone) Concentric Monoballs Kit Rear (Kit Per Car) 991 2012+

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Upper Control Arms (Rear) Concentric Monoballs

For 2012-15  991

Monoball Cartridges replace factory rear upper control arm bushings with hardened-steel spherical bearings. Spherical bearings allow free motion on multiple axis and eliminate deflection associated with rubber, resulting in more precise holding of toe and camber.

High tolerance machined housing allow for simple press fit installation. Correct spacers ensure proper fitment.

The kit includes 8 monoball bearings. 2 per arm, for 4 arms total. Order one kit per car.

Weather Sealed

Monoball housing and spacers are hard anodized to protect from corrosion. Rubber seals keep the precision bearing from road contaminates for extended life of the product