We prefer that you contact us though email for any questions so we can provide an accurate reply .

Many of the products we sell though our online store can be bought direct from the manufacture . In order to offer a benefit to customers we try to offer a cost saving advantage .This benefit comes though either lower prices , free shipping on many items, and /or our physical location. Due to the nature of an online store with a wide variety of products, often shipping cost (on products that have a shipping cost) are over charged at check out when purchasing multiple products. To fix this problem, every order is reviewed and excessive shipping charges are refunded before any order ships. Our goal is to have happy customers and nothing is worse than high shipping cost from online shopping. We do not have a low price guarantee but try to offer the best value on all of our products that's available anywhere, occasionally we are not the best deal and rather than loose a sale please let us know at sales@werksperformance.com  and we will try our best to resolve this situation. Thanks for shopping with us !