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Bearings Bushings- Toe Control Arm (Track Rod) Eccentric Bushings (Pair) 996,997 1999-2012


For 1999-2012 996,997

Running out of rear toe adjustment range is a common problem on lowered  cars. The bore on these bushings is offset by 6mm effectively shortening or increases the length of the toe link and bringing the toe adjustment back into range.

Track Rod Bushings

Until now, replacing the toe links with more expensive adjustable length toe arms was the only solution to the problem. These bushings get the job done at a much lower cost.

Sport hardness rubber improves performance by reducing compression under heavy loads while providing the same noise damping quality of the OEM rubber.

Decrease toe in – Position the eccentric to decrease toe arm length by 6mm. This solves a common problem with lowered cars that have too much toe in but not enough toe adjustment range to correct the issue.

Increase toe in – Position the eccentric to increase toe arm length by 6mm. Cars with a lot of negative camber can have too much toe out but not enough range of toe adjustment to bring it back to range.