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Body Components-RSR 2.8 Long Nose Hood & Option For Center Fill Gas Opening Backdate for 74-89 G-Body Car (Werks Performance) OEM Quality (Pair)

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Our exclusive Werks Performance components come from a fabrication studio located in Europe. The quality is OEM, thus exceptional, on all parts that come from this supplier. Available in fiberglass(GFK) and carbon fiber .   RSR 2.8  Werks Performance Long Nose hood (for back dating 74-89 G-Body).Choose option for construction material -Fiberglass(GFK) or Carbon Fiber

*Only body components with our name (Werks Performance) in the product name come from this supplier.

* GFK "Glass Fiber Komposite" is a mix of fiberglass and ABS plastic created by the Germans to add flexibility and reduce weight.

** NEW- FREE SHIPPING TO THE US - All body components are shipped from our European manufacture direct to the customers . Due to the fact that our customers are located all over the world, all shipping prices are only a close estimate. Before any order of body components is shipped, an exact shipping quote will be sent to the customer, along with a refund for any excessive shipping cost charged in the order (happens especially with multiple parts). Rarely additional shipping cost is required ,if so, the customer will be notified of the amount and given simple directions on how to make payment. If the customer prefers to cancel the order then a complete refund will be made promptly. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we are customers also , want to ship worldwide, and keep shipping charges as fair as possible. This method ,although more labor intensive, makes the shipping cost the exact amount and really benefits the customer on multiple part orders.

*All prices are subject to change and are impossible to be exact because the Euro and US Dollar values are in constant flux. There maybe either a partial refund or additional funds required to complete the transaction . If more funds are needed the customer will notified and given the option of a complete refund before parts are shipped from France.